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The Data Playbook: Data Practices for Purpose-Driven Work

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Updated: Follow this link to check out highlights from the Data Playbook roundtable and listen to the podcast! Markets for Good is delighted to partner with the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation to host a virtual roundtable discussion on the Data Playbook, a new practical guide for putting data to work in the social sector. Our expert panel will discuss how social sector …

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Your guide to the key EU-US data-sharing pact

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  After days of negotiation, the US and European Union (EU) have reached an agreement, known as the “Privacy Shield,” to better protect and continue to allow the transfer of personal data between the US and EU countries. This new agreement also grants Europeans the ability to seek legal action if they feel their personal data is being misused in …

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Human Needs Index: A Real-Time Data Project on Poverty

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  Kari Thierer’s Nonprofit Quarterly article ‘Human Needs Index: Unusual Partnership Backs a Real-Time Data Project on Poverty‘ discusses how the Salvation Army and the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University have partnered to help nonprofits get access to current, up-to-date data that supports their needs.   Together, they are working to create and expand the Human Needs Index, a …

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Feedback as Democracy in Social Change Practice

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  A huge shift is happening in the social sector. Dennis Whittle traces it all the way back to the birth of democracy in Greece circa 594 BCE. The people are sovereign! In titling our special theme ‘Beyond accountability: feedback as transformation’ we are signalling that the long march of democracy has arrived at our doors. When we say ‘feedback’, we think of a …

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An Index We Really Need

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  We’ve been measuring philanthropic giving for decades. There are several directories and annual tallies of American charitable giving.   For about the last decade, the impact investing movement has been trying to establish definitions, baselines, and annual measurements. It’s a work in progress, but they’re getting there.   All kinds of groups monitor and measure spending on political campaigns, including the money (expected to be in the billions of dollars for …

Lucy Bernholz: Let Our Data Define Us, Part II

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In Part I of  “Let Our Data Define Us”, guest blogger Lucy Bernholz charged the social sector to be the standard-bearer for one of biggest issues of our time: how we use data. She continues the thought here and outlines a new definition for the sector at the forefront of taking on our biggest challenges. Ours is a sector that …

Welcome to the Markets For Good conversation!

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Welcome to the Markets for Good conversation! We hope that this site will serve as the “virtual water cooler” for a sustained, thoughtful conversation about what is needed to improve the social sector’s ability to generate, share, and use information. This conversation encompasses the spectrum of capital and enterprises devoted to social good, from philanthropy to impact investing. We intend …

Lucy Bernholz: Let Our Data Define Us – Part I

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In this, the first of a two-part post, guest blogger Lucy Bernholz issues a challenge to the social sector: to discover the potential in our data and to change the way we use it . Solutions to shared social challenges should not be proprietary. To achieve our social missions we should share what we know – widely, accessibly, and openly. …