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Case study: High School students demand integrity while challenging their local leaders to make their roads safe, Palestine.

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  In September 2014, Teachers Creativity Centre (TCC) identified Tammoun Secondary Girls as a partner for an extra-curricular Community Integrity Building programme (referred to as a ‘Social Audit’ by TCC) for young Palestinians. Miss Rita Sala Marou’m, teacher “I think it is really important that the girls’ education takes them from theoretical learning into practical experience. I want them to …

Children’s Parties And The Demise Of The Soviet Union

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Markets For Good proposes an upgraded information infrastructure as a fundamental step for the social sector to be able to meet the challenge of solving dynamic social problems. Mari Kuraishi , CEO of GlobalGiving, speaks her view on the explicit and implicit structures that would define that infrastructure and, more importantly, why we will have to shift our thinking to …

Filling The Nonprofit Information Vacuum

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Cinthia Schuman Ottinger, Deputy Director for Philanthropy Programs at the Aspen Institute’s  Program on Philanthropy and Social Innovation, discusses the need for nonprofit data and the impact that it can have.  A good part of the problem, however, is unlocking that data from the protocols and structures that render is less accessible, less useful. Cinthia closes by describing what can …