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That’s Not Privacy: An update

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This month I checked back in with Micah Sifry to learn about the status of the That’s Not Privacy campaign, which MFG covered in May. Here’s what I learned (the following is an edited version of an email exchange): Micah, it has been about six months since the campaign launched. How is the That’s Not Privacy campaign going? This was always intended to …

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Your guide to the key EU-US data-sharing pact

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  After days of negotiation, the US and European Union (EU) have reached an agreement, known as the “Privacy Shield,” to better protect and continue to allow the transfer of personal data between the US and EU countries. This new agreement also grants Europeans the ability to seek legal action if they feel their personal data is being misused in …

Serious Gaming with Data Privacy: DataDealer

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What if we were to turn the tables and have the consumer managing the privacy of other people and organizations? There’s a new game in the emerging “serious gaming” genre out that does just that. DataDealer has received extensive feedback from young people, teachers, media educators and the general public. Further, it has won numerous prizes like the e-virtouses Serious …

Interview: Tech Journalist, Miya Knights

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We welcome noted tech journalist and observer Miya Knights to the Markets For Good conversation. We’re glad to have this brief opportunity to turn the journalism tables and interview Miya on the subject of data privacy. Let’s think of the social sector in the context of the broader business environment in which we operate. The speed of technological change isn’t …

Lucy Bernholz: Let Our Data Define Us, Part II

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In Part I of  “Let Our Data Define Us”, guest blogger Lucy Bernholz charged the social sector to be the standard-bearer for one of biggest issues of our time: how we use data. She continues the thought here and outlines a new definition for the sector at the forefront of taking on our biggest challenges. Ours is a sector that …

Lucy Bernholz: Let Our Data Define Us – Part I

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In this, the first of a two-part post, guest blogger Lucy Bernholz issues a challenge to the social sector: to discover the potential in our data and to change the way we use it . Solutions to shared social challenges should not be proprietary. To achieve our social missions we should share what we know – widely, accessibly, and openly. …