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Podcast: Data Conversation with Jake Garcia

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In the latest episode of our Data Conversations series, Andrew Means talks to Jake Garcia, Vice President for Data and Technology Strategy at Foundation Center, about building and leveraging data science skills in the social sector. Jake draws on his experience at Foundation Center to describe how social sector organizations can harness specialized training, the strengths of their existing personnel, and – crucially …

Technology & Tools for Funder Collaboration

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We expect a lot out of technology these days. How can we use it to foster better collaboration among funders? It’s not just a question of staying current. That’s a given. It’s about quickly assimilating tools and then getting on with building things. But, first, what do we mean by collaboration? What kind of tools are we talking about? And …

via Philantopic: “Philanthropy’s Data Dilemma”

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Bradford K. Smith, President of the Foundation Center, talks about what philanthropy can do to gain the right kind of visibility in the conversation on big data: Philanthropy’s Data Dilemma – by way of the blog, Philantopic. He argues that philanthropy isn’t getting the most out of the signature assets  being applied in this space, e.g. flexible resources, best minds …

BRIDGE to Somewhere: A Conversation with GlobalGiving, GuideStar, the Foundation Center, and TechSoup Global

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The Basic Registry of Identified Global Entities (BRIDGE) is a new collaborative project that aims to revolutionize information sharing, in order to better understand the flows of philanthropic dollars and enhance transparency and effectiveness in the global social sector. Recently, Victoria Vrana, senior program officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, sat down with members from the four organizations …

Notes From The Field: The Reporting Commitment

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Markets For Good talks with Jeannine Corey , Director of Grants Information Management of The Foundation Center for an update on the Reporting Commitment, an initiative launched by a group of the largest U.S. foundations. We read many announcements of start-ups, projects, and initiatives; but, it’s good to check in from time to time to learn about the work happening …

A Researcher’s View on Social Sector Data

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Our conversation on upgrading the information infrastructure for the social sector takes place at a moment in which both the technological and cultural/organizational changes needed to make it happen are equally urgent. And they’re happening. Elizabeth Boris offers a researcher’s perspective on these movements toward better data practice and talks about what’s needed to ensure a meaningful upgrade of the …

News: “MicroEdge Partners with Foundation Center on Glasspockets Transparency Initiative”

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Markets For Good seeks to connect, align, and accelerate the work already in progress toward better use and sharing of data in the social sector. In that spirit, we keep an eye out to highlight other initiatives, events, etc. that are advancing the cause. Here is one to note, related to the significant and visible movements toward more transparency in …

Filling The Nonprofit Information Vacuum

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Cinthia Schuman Ottinger, Deputy Director for Philanthropy Programs at the Aspen Institute’s  Program on Philanthropy and Social Innovation, discusses the need for nonprofit data and the impact that it can have.  A good part of the problem, however, is unlocking that data from the protocols and structures that render is less accessible, less useful. Cinthia closes by describing what can …

A New Reporting Commitment

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Guest post from Darin McKeever, a deputy director at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, regarding a major new agreement among a few of the US’ largest foundations: The Reporting Commitment. At the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we firmly believe transparency is a key ingredient in maximizing impact because it inspires new innovations and leads to opportunities for collaboration.