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Announcing the Digital Impact World Tour

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Digital data offers a world of possibilities for civil society to achieve greater impact – data transforms how we operate, interact and serve constituents. At the same time, poorly-managed data can cause great harm. Civil society’s rising dependence on digital data and infrastructure has raised new ethical and governance challenges, generated a new set of regulatory actors, and made many …

“Markets for What?”: Refining Our Questions Before Defining The Data

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In this edition of “Notes From The Field,” David Henderson speaks on how better data can actually lead to greater impact, by examining a critical assumption behind the request for better data: that it lands in the hands of skilled users. This isn’t a point to leave at assumption. I wouldn’t assume that buying Usain Bolt’s decidedly better track shoes …

Beth Kanter: Doing The Math Ourselves

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What are the skills and mindsets that nonprofits need to embrace data for social change? Guest blogger Beth Kanter talks about data-literacy as an in-house necessity for nonprofits. In a resource constrained world, many nonprofits view measurement and data as “yet anotherthing on our to-do list” or as a lost cause because “we don’t have that expertise on staff.”