Big Data For The Consumer Journey

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Think of the different ways certain tech phenomena have reshaped the world: intermodal containers in the 50’s, the digitization of music in the early 80’s, the web of the early 90’s. Today, big data is a type of summary event, an omnivore fed by the old and new, the physical and the digital. Jerry Nichols provides a framework for dealing …

Curator’s Note: Variations On a Theme

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve been examining the theme of Beneficiary Feedback. We’ve chosen “beneficiary” for convenience, but even finding an appropriate word (consumer? constituent? recipient?) is more than semantics, giving insight into how an organization perceives the people it proposes to help. A brief tour of the sector shows encouraging efforts, but also reveals that we have a …

The True “Beneficiary” Is The Organization That Listens

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Denise Raquel Dunning, Program Director of AGALI, contends that the social sector is missing out on knowledge and expertise that is patently available. We’re not listening to the voices of people served – not on the level of a recognizable and consistent competency. And that means we are falling short in our subsequent responsibility to convert that data into the …

Consumer Feedback And Market Demand

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Based on his work as Founder, President and CEO of the Family Independence Initiative, MacArthur Genius Award winner Mauricio Lim Miller brings an uncommon lens to the modern concept of “social,” redirecting the investment of thought and resources toward the social ties that can directly change lives. He also refreshes another couple of words, “innovation” and “product development,” putting those …

On Community Feedback

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In this post, Perla Ni gives an overview of beneficiary feedback from the community perspective, noting that feedback tools for grantmakers, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations must demonstrate on-the-ground results and lead to improvements in programming and in quality of life for beneficiaries.  So, where are we today with community feedback? And how is the data being used? …

Fixing The Feedback Loop

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There’s visible progress in the social sector with respect to how organizations listen to and incorporate feedback from the people they serve. But, John Hecklinger of GlobalGiving proposes that we’re at risk of only fits and starts (not real progress) toward a truly robust system to gain beneficiary feedback if we don’t consider how our systems work together.