Markets for Good is an initiative to discover how the social sector can better use and share information to improve outcomes and change lives.


Understanding and making sense of social sector data is challenging.  You may be a nonprofit executive director fielding a policy impact question from a Congress member and discovering that it will take a couple of months to track down the data to answer, a foundation program officer looking for historical funding to foster care organizations, or a relief worker trying to determine how much clean water your team has delivered to refugee camps.  The fact is: information is often difficult to come by.

This lack of easy access to information comes at a cost: Too often, we don’t have the information we need to make the best decisions about how to run our organizations, raise funds, make donations, or manage programs. Further, the millions of people who stand to benefit from our work are not fully empowered to share their knowledge and gain access to information about available resources. This needs to change.


With an open discussion about how we generate, use, and share information in the social sector.  Are there better ways we can collect, classify and exchange data? Can we build more useful knowledge platforms for social sector information? How can we access the best information to support our work?  The upside of these and other fundamental questions is a social sector powered by information, where we work smarter, putting resources to better use. Where individuals and communities have a stronger voice and programs are more innovative and impactful.


This campaign will seek your constructive and honest input. Our goal is not to replicate or replace, but to connect, align, and accelerate works and ideas already in progress.

Over the coming months, we want diverse voices to participate, no discussion topic to be sacred, and much progress to be made. Whether you are a practitioner, a developer, an evaluator, an entrepreneur, a community leader, a funder, a technologist, an academic, or an observer, we would like you to join the conversation!

Look around our blog and join in the conversation with your comments.  Send us an email to suggest topics to cover, resources to include, or pointers to news in this space. Download the Markets For Good one-page concept paper and share widely!

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