Digital Impact Grants (formerly Good Data Grants) fund research and innovation to strengthen the safe, ethical, and effective use of digital resources in civil society. A fundamental goal of the program is to support better data-informed decision making in philanthropy (particularly individual giving) and in the social sector writ large.

The program awards grants for two types of projects: scholarly research and sector advancement. Our aim is to foster innovations and research that have broad application for improving knowledge, practices, and outcomes across the social sector.

The 2017 window for applications closed at 5 PM Pacific Time on June 12, 2017. 

Grant recipients will be notified in August 2017.

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View the 2017 Request for Proposal.

Winners of the inaugural cycle of grants were announced in January 2017.

Explore an interactive data visualization of the ideas and projects proposed through the 2016 grants cycle, and view a full list of 2016 cycle applicants who agreed to publicly share details about their projects.