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Are We There Yet?

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Over the course of the last decade the case has been made repeatedly for placing impact centre stage in the decisions we make as investors, funders, responsible businesses, social mission organisations, as well as individual citizens. Let’s be clear, this …

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Healthcare As Harbinger

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Healthcare in America is a mess in many respects. The unsustainable rise in costs. The substandard care for so many Americans. The continuing “Animal House” food fight over Obamacare. But one of the very best places to look for insights …

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Design A Better Dashboard

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Following on from last week’s introductory post, Beth Kanter continues her column, focused on the cultural change, capacity building, and practical tips and skills for using data for learning for nonprofits.   How Human-Centered Design Methods Can Help You Design …

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Why The Data Act Matters

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On May 9, President Obama signed the U.S. Digital Accountability and Transparency Act, or DATA Act. The new law is a bold bid to transform the U.S. federal government’s spending information, in all its complexity, from disconnected documents into open data. Today, we …