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That’s Not Privacy: An update

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This month I checked back in with Micah Sifry to learn about the status of the That’s Not Privacy campaign, which MFG covered in May. Here’s what I learned (the following is an edited version of an email exchange): Micah, it has been about six months since the campaign launched. How is the That’s Not Privacy campaign going? This was always intended to …

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Interview: Mark Surman on the NetGain Partnership

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It’s difficult to understate the Internet’s potential as a resource for opportunity. Yet stable, secure, and unfettered access to the web remains sharply uneven across the globe, and rapid technological and social changes can pose as many challenges as opportunities. We exchanged emails with Mark Surman, Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation, to learn more about the NetGain Partnership’s efforts …

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Data On Purpose

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  This week Stanford Social Innovation Review hosted the two day Data on Purpose conference, giving “data geeks” a chance to explore the realm of using data to tell stories in the social sector. The conference featured an impressive lineup of journalists, technology innovators, computer scientists, data visualization designers, and professional communicators, all providing tips, ideas, and strategies for data-driven …

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The BRIDGE Is Open! New Lookup Tool Identifies Global Social Sector Entities

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  Most of us take it for granted that the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration assigns every vehicle a Vehicle Identification Number (or VIN). This number makes it possible for buyers and sellers to track the story behind a car. With a bit of research, consumers like you or me can learn the history of a used vehicle before …

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Interview: Community Integrity Building in Palestine and Kenya

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  Building trust is key to ensure aid goes where it should when providing foreign aid to communities around the world. Integrity Action works to empower citizens to act with and demand integrity, and recently released two new videos about their work in Palestine and Kenya. We sat down and talked to Joy Saunders, Chief Executive Officer at Integrity Action, …

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The New GuideStar Nonprofit Profile

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  I’m excited to announce a major milestone in GuideStar’s history.   GuideStar’s vision is to drive philanthropy by increasing nonprofit data collection, distribution, and innovation. Today, we take a giant leap toward further achieving that vision. I am happy to officially debut our completely redesigned GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles.   We started this redesign process by asking you and ourselves one …

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Unearthing Data to Unleash Impact: Using Unique Data Sources to Drive Change

In Profiles & Interviews by Nick Eng and Neal Myrick

  Introduction At DataKind and Tableau Foundation, we regularly work with nonprofits that have important questions to answer, but not necessarily the data to do so.   Or, at least, they don’t think they have the data to do so.   The truth is, in this awesome age of the Internet, satellites, sensors and extreme connectivity, there’s an abundance of …

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Webinar: Leveraging Data and Tech for Healthy, Equitable and Sustainable Communities

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  In the age of over sharing, is there a way to leverage our penchant for bulk data collection to make positive changes for the greater good? This was the same question posed by researchers at Kaiser Permanente, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and Network Impact. Researchers concluded the social sector should work together to combine the data they compile separately and …

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Interview: Fundraising & Donor Management Software Report

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  In the nonprofit market, we focus a lot on fundraising since it’s so important to the sector. Technology has changed a lot in the past decade, and fundraising software is no different. Janna Finch of Software Advice, a company that helps organizations compare fundraising software, gives insight into how nonprofits are leveraging technology to connect with donors. She researches and writes …

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Community Insights: Brian Walsh

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  For our latest community insights interview, we sat down with Brian Walsh, Head of Impact at Liquidnet. Brian is one of our founding members here at Markets for Good, and has been a contributor since the beginning. In this interview, we find out a little more about his work, how Markets for Good got started, and his ambitions for the …