Lucy Bernholz: Let Our Data Define Us, Part II

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In Part I of  “Let Our Data Define Us”, guest blogger Lucy Bernholz charged the social sector to be the standard-bearer for one of biggest issues of our time: how we use data. She continues the thought here and outlines a new definition for the sector at the forefront of taking on our biggest challenges. Ours is a sector that …

Welcome to the Markets For Good conversation!

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Welcome to the Markets for Good conversation! We hope that this site will serve as the “virtual water cooler” for a sustained, thoughtful conversation about what is needed to improve the social sector’s ability to generate, share, and use information. This conversation encompasses the spectrum of capital and enterprises devoted to social good, from philanthropy to impact investing. We intend …

Lucy Bernholz: Let Our Data Define Us – Part I

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In this, the first of a two-part post, guest blogger Lucy Bernholz issues a challenge to the social sector: to discover the potential in our data and to change the way we use it . Solutions to shared social challenges should not be proprietary. To achieve our social missions we should share what we know – widely, accessibly, and openly. …

Beth Kanter: Doing The Math Ourselves

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What are the skills and mindsets that nonprofits need to embrace data for social change? Guest blogger Beth Kanter talks about data-literacy as an in-house necessity for nonprofits. In a resource constrained world, many nonprofits view measurement and data as “yet anotherthing on our to-do list” or as a lost cause because “we don’t have that expertise on staff.”

An Interview With Jacob Harold

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Jacob Harold, highly regarded social strategist and author, gives his point of view on what a solid information infrastructure should look like and how it could work in the social sector. We also ask him about his plans as the new president and CEO of GuideStar. — If we were to take the financial markets as a model, how could …

Rebecca Thomas: Faster, Smarter Nonprofit Financial Analysis, Part I

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It’s worth taking the time to learn to “speak” with numbers, writes  Rebecca Thomas, noted financial planning and management consultant expert for nonprofits and foundations. Part I of II. Understanding and unearthing  insights about a nonprofit organization’s financial dynamics, strengths and weaknesses can be skills-intensive and time-consuming.  But, avoiding it means that the lack of a dependable, objective method to …

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Watch Our Video

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  Markets for Good is an initiative to discover how the social sector can better use and share information to improve outcomes and change lives. Come join the conversation!   Markets for Good: The Video from Markets for Good on Vimeo. Change doesn’t happen overnight. It happens bit by bit. It happens when we all work together; when we’re all …