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The BRIDGE Project: Progress and the Path Ahead

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I’m glad to be prompted into writing, as I think we’ve been remiss about keeping people posted about the progress we have been able to make on BRIDGE, as well as any evolution of our thinking about what BRIDGE could be. I’m hoping that in this and future posts we might address some of the real concerns that have been …

Your Business Model Shouldn’t Be Just an Assumption

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  This post is the last in our series on Nonprofit Decision-Making. And we’re closing out with a critical look at viability…  Every mission has underlying assumptions that either inform or strictly define the business model. It’s time to bring those assumptions to the front and test them to ensure that the way you go about your mission is financially sound. …

Children’s Parties And The Demise Of The Soviet Union

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Markets For Good proposes an upgraded information infrastructure as a fundamental step for the social sector to be able to meet the challenge of solving dynamic social problems. Mari Kuraishi , CEO of GlobalGiving, speaks her view on the explicit and implicit structures that would define that infrastructure and, more importantly, why we will have to shift our thinking to …