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The Democratization of Evaluation

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  A few weeks ago Andrew Means wrote a provocative piece about the ‘Death of Evaluation’ here on Markets for Good. Andrew and I had a bit of a back and forth in the comments section of his post, and others have written responses to Andrew’s arguments on this blog as well. Since Andrew’s original post, I have had the …

Talent, Not Technology, Is The Key To Better Evaluation

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Rounding out our conversation on evaluation is this view from the standpoint of technology, by David Henderson, founder of Idealistics. If technology is a tool, then we might reframe the new fixation on data and tech by recognizing that tools don’t build houses. People do. David goes deeper on the topic to argue for a vision (and skill set) correction …

“Markets for What?”: Refining Our Questions Before Defining The Data

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In this edition of “Notes From The Field,” David Henderson speaks on how better data can actually lead to greater impact, by examining a critical assumption behind the request for better data: that it lands in the hands of skilled users. This isn’t a point to leave at assumption. I wouldn’t assume that buying Usain Bolt’s decidedly better track shoes …