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Building a Better BRIDGE: Open Infrastructure for the Social Sector

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I’m surprised to be writing this piece. I’m surprised because a public-interest technology project led by Foundation Center , GlobalGiving , GuideStar , and TechSoup — and supported by luminary funders like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation — doesn’t seem like it should be a source of concern. And yet the BRIDGE project has become precisely that. BRIDGE is the Basic Registry of Identified…

“BRIDGE” to Somewhere: Progress to Date

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Technical development of the first Basic Registry of Identified Global Entities (BRIDGE) release is currently about a half-way to completion. If you have been following the project you will know that BRIDGE aims to revolutionize data interoperability in the global social sector by uniquely identifying all the world’s NGOs in one database. Read on to find out what’s new. … Considering its ambitious scope, the project it has unfolded…

BRIDGE to Somewhere: A Conversation with GlobalGiving, GuideStar, the Foundation Center, and TechSoup Global

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The Basic Registry of Identified Global Entities (BRIDGE) is a new collaborative project that aims to revolutionize information sharing, in order to better understand the flows of philanthropic dollars and enhance transparency and effectiveness in the global social sector. Recently, Victoria Vrana, senior program officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, sat down with members from the four organizations embarking on this ambitious…

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The BRIDGE Is Open! New Lookup Tool Identifies Global Social Sector Entities

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  Most of us take it for granted that the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration assigns every vehicle a Vehicle Identification Number (or VIN). This number makes it possible for buyers and sellers to track the story behind a car. With a bit of research, consumers like you or me can learn the history of a used vehicle before we buy it, without ever interacting with the car’s previous owners. This is only possible because the…

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The BRIDGE Project: Progress and the Path Ahead

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I’m glad to be prompted into writing, as I think we’ve been remiss about keeping people posted about the progress we have been able to make on BRIDGE , as well as any evolution of our thinking about what BRIDGE could be. I’m hoping that in this and future posts we might address some of the real concerns that have been raised about the utility of the system for the social sector — and the world at large. BRIDGE is a system to identify as many…

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BRIDGE Project: Progress Report

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  The Basic Registry of Identified Global Entities (BRIDGE) is a new collaborative project that aims to revolutionize information sharing, in order to better understand the flows of philanthropic dollars and enhance transparency and effectiveness in the global social sector. BRIDGE is a system that assigns non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other entities in the social sector with a unique identifier, a “numerical fingerprint” for…

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Podcast & Video: The Open 990 & U.S. Nonprofits

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Listen to Lucy Bernholz, Cinthia Schuman Ottinger, Beth Simone Noveck, David Borenstein, and Neville Vakharia discuss the new machine-readable Form 990 and the opportunities and challenges presented to U.S. nonprofits and civil society. Recent regulatory changes have made e-filed Form 990s, the data-rich annual financial disclosure forms for U.S. nonprofits, publicly available as machine-readable digital data. With this change , the floodgates…

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Good Data Collaborative

Challenge Digital tools have empowered nonprofits and civil society actors to collect, store, and process more data, and sometimes particularly sensitive data, in the course of their ordinary service delivery. Organizations have new obligations to protect and responsibly handle client data, and are exposed to new risks, as the interaction between data and societal challenges potentially harms vulnerable groups. The discourse and management…

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The Two Faces Of Data

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As public-private relations evolve and data sharing initiatives proliferate, philanthropy should remain vigilant about the perils of sharing too much too fast, remembering our sacred bond with civil society. As the coming wave of urban growth transforms the way we live and interact, sound ethics in big data will be an even bigger priority, underscoring the value of philanthropy as a bridge between civil society and private innovation. When the…

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Catalyzing a Global Marketplace

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  In 2002 we began to build an online funding bridge between passionate individual donors—people whose gifts are often seen as too small to be meaningful—and smaller organizations whose impact has been all too easy to ignore because of their size or remoteness of their work.   Today that funding bridge has turned into a global marketplace where anyone in the world can support projects and organizations that they otherwise would never…